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We are a voluntary, not-for-profit community group in Gloucester, UK.


We are working towards welcoming a refugee
family to Gloucester and helping them resettle into our community under the UK Government’s Community Sponsorship scheme.

We are raising money so that we can proceed with our application to the Home Office, which requires us to have a minimum £9,000 fundraised; money which will be used to cover resettlements costs - including furnishing the home, interpretation costs, language tuition.


Community Sponsorship is a scheme set up by the government in 2016 which enables local people to group together and directly enable the resettlement of refugee families.  We have partnered with Citizens UK, a registered UK charity, who provide guidance to the group and oversee the project.

If you wish to donate, your donation will be directly supporting our aim to offer a refugee family the chance of a new life here in the UK.

We will be planting a tree in our local community for every £1,000 raised.  We feel that this is a way in which we can give back to the community and help build a pleasant environment for everyone.

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Team 1.jpg


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